Espanha/ Bélgica,2021 104'



Nora is not sure how she is going to survive another summer in her family’s coastal mansion in Spain. Her grandmother is ill and her little sister is such a baby…

Hopefully Libertad shows up : she’s from Colombia and she knows how to handle boys. But she is also the maid’s daughter. When they start to befriend, it must

stay secret.



Clara Roquet

Clara Roquet (1988) started her career co-writing the multi-awarded “ 10,000 KM ” (2014), along-side director Carlos Marques-Marcet. Soon thereafter she started her first writing-directing venture, the short film“
El Adiós ” (2015) EFA nominee, premiered at Toronto IFF and BAFTA students award winner.
Since then, Clara has become a renowned screenwriter in Spain and Latin America co-writing films such as“
Petra” by Jaime Rosales – the Directors’ Fortnight 2018 -, “También esto pasará” by Daniel Burman, “The Days to Come” by Carlos Marques – Marcet – Rotterdam International Film Festival 2019 -, “The Red Virgin” by Paula Ortiz, among others.
She has grown as a director, as it can be seen in her second multi-awarded short film, “Good Girls” (2017). Moreover, in 2018 Clara directed two chapters of“ Tijuana”, a series produced by Story House for Netflix. “Libertad” is her first long feature.


Director of photography: Gris Jordana

Costume designer: Vinyet Escobar

Production Designer: Marta Bazaco

Production Manager: Goretti Pagès

Editor: Ana Pfaff

Direct Sound: Diego Casares

Sound Designer: Thierry Devries

Music: Paul Tyan

Make-Up Artist: Bárbara Broucke

Hair Stylist: Jesús Martos

Casting: Irene Roqué

Production: Lastor Media, Avalon P.C.

In Co-production with: Bulletproof Cupid

Producers: Tono Folguera, María Zamora, Sergi Moreno, Stefan Schmitz, KatleenGoossens (co-producer)

International sales: Playtime

French distribution: Epicentre